You could pay absolutely NOTHING for your first bottle of Turmeric!
  •  Fight the Pain: Turmeric fights inflammation, reducing muscle & joint pain associated with arthritis and work-outs.
  • Keep the Blood Flowing: Turmeric inhibits LDL (Bad) Cholesterol &  Internal Blood Clot formation, which may help prevent attack and stroke.
  • Detoxify Yourself: Turmeric neutralizes free radicals in your blood, averting oxidative damage that could lead to such diseases as Alzheimer's, Cancer, Parkinson's, and Cardiovascular Disease.
  •  MADE IN THE USA: Unlike others who outsource production to unsafe, unclean factories overseas, our Turmeric is created in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility right here in the USA!
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Suppress Inflammation
Joint pain is relentless; it often turns everyday tasks into agonizing ordeals.

Luckily, Turmeric has been shown to suppress the chemicals responsible for inflammation, which can reduce the pain related to joint issues like arthritis, or just everyday inflammation from exercise and activity.

Take back your life; don't let pain stand in your way.

References:  See #1, #2 below
Keep the Blood Flowing
Heart attack and stroke are caused by blockages of blood in the body (LDL cholesterol and blood clot blockages specifically).

Studies show that Turmeric appears to inhibit the formation of LDL cholesterol.  Additionally, Turmeric has been shown to be an anti-coagulent, hindering the formation of blood clots inside the body.  

Be proactive, maintain a healthy circulatory system, and keep that blood flowing!

References: See #3, #4, #5 below
Detoxify Yourself
Oxidative stress is one of the major causes of degenerative disease in the body, thought to be related to cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and others.

Oxidative stress is caused by Free Radicals, highly reactive chemicals that damage your cell's DNA.  They can be removed with Anti-Oxidants, which render the Free Radicals harmless.

Fortunately, Turmeric has been shown to be a powerful Anti-Oxidant, helping to fight the damage caused by Free Radicals.  Detoxify yourself today!

References: See #5, #6 below
All-Natural Ingredients
Our Turmeric is composed of 100%, All Natural ingredients. No unsafe chemicals, toxins, or pesticides were used in the growing of our Turmeric.
In addition, our Turmeric is non-GMO and 100% Gluten free.

We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients. You can rest easy knowing that you're receiving the highest quality product that money can buy!
Black Pepper Extract Included
Not all Turmeric supplements are created equal.  Black pepper extract (BioPerine) is critical to ensuring that Turmeric absorbs into the body.  Without the right amount of BioPerine, most of the Turmeric you consume is wasted.

Unlike other Turmeric supplements you've seen in stores, we've taken the time and research to come up with the perfect formulation of Turmeric & BioPerine, allowing you to reap the benefits of the Turmeric you eat.
Made in America
Other companies outsource their manufacturing overseas to potentially unsafe, unhealthy factories.  There's a reason it costs less; the safety and hygiene standards are lax, and when you're dealing with a product you consume, that's a BIG PROBLEM.

All our Turmeric is formulated and manufactured in an FDA registered, GMP certified facility right here in the USA.

Our facilities are safe, clean, and completely dedicated to providing you the highest quality Turmeric available!
Pain Diminished

"I have some shoulder pain from an old injury, and decided to try out your product to see what the big deal was.  I ordered, and noticed that my pain started to diminish; problem was, I ran out and noticed the pain start to creep back.  Definitely going to place another order, thanks!"

-Matthew Davis

Incredible results, thanks!

"Turmeric is great!  I have arthritis, and have noticed a reduced amount of pain in my hands.  I would recommend this stuff to anyone who has joint aches and pains!"

-Charlene Pittman

Great stuff!

"With all the health info out there these days, it's hard to know what to think anymore!  I have read a lot about the health benefits of turmeric after a bit of research, but I could not be sure if it would work.  I figured the only way to find out was to try it for myself.  I have arthritis and joint pain, and after 2 weeks of trying it out I could tell a difference!  It didn't completely eliminate the pain, but it has helped, and now I try to avoid skipping a day!"

-Alisha Ficher

Use our Turmeric as directed for 30 days. If you aren't a believer then, simply return the bottle - EVEN IF IT'S EMPTY - for a FULL REFUND.

You have absolutely nothing to lose - and everything to gain.

Don't spend another day letting your joint pain control your life!
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